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BMI Calculator

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Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Step by Step method to calculate your BMI.

BMI Calculator is a valuable tool that helps calculate if you are overweight, underweight, or fit according to your fitness. Only by measuring your wait can you assure that your health is fit. The BMI “Body Mass Index” Calculator helps you find a perfect ratio of your weight and height and gives you an ideal number. This final number should fit into a list on the BMI range chart scale defined as underweight, normal, and overweight.

To calculate BMI on your own body and how to measure it, you should know:

  • How to Measure BMI?
  • What is the Perfect number BMI?
  • What is the different range of BMI?


How to Measure BMI?

Before calculating BMI, You should be aware of the formula of how BMI calculation works?

Let’s see the calculation:

  1. Divide your weight (in KG) with your height (in Meters).
  2. Now, divide the calculated number with your height again to know your body BMI.

Here is the simple formula:

BMI = weight / height².

BMI Calculation table for adults age more than 18 Years:

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), bodyweight is based on adults’ BMI value. Here is the number of perfect BMI.

Category BMI range – kg/m2
Severe Thinness <16
Moderate Thinness 16-17
Mild Thinness 17-18.5
Normal 18.5-25
Overweight 25-30
Obese Class I 30-35
Obese Class II 35 – 40
Obese Class III > 40


BMI Chart for Adults:

Here are the BMI Graph categories based on the WHO data.


BMI Calculation table for children and teens, age from 2-20:

As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommendation, BMI range for children and teens between age two years to 20 years. 


Here are the complete details about the BMI charts for children.

What is Normal BMI?

We have developed a BMI calculator to calculate an accurate number of your Body Mass Index. However, we would like to tell you that BMI is a rough idea. The result can be different for individuals who are doing workouts such as bodybuilders, weight lifters.

What is the different range of BMI?

Here is some idea about a perfect BMI scale:

  • Underweight= less than 18.5 BMI
  • Normal Weight = 18.5-24.9 BMI
  • Overweight= 25-24.9 BMI
  • Obesity = 30-35 BMI
  • Severe Obesity = 35 or above

Advanced BMI Calculator Formula:

Check the BMI Calculation formula according to the ISU (International System of Units) and US customary System (USC) by using a 5’10”, 160-pound as an example:

advance BMI Formula

Ponderal Index Calculator:

The Ponderal Index PI calculator is the same as the BMI calculator. It has a small difference as its measures the leanness or corpulence of a human-based on their height and weight. A significant difference between PI and BMI is the cubing. We have already given the formula to calculate PI. BMI might be a useful tool when you need to make an extensive calculation.

Here is the procedure:

Ponderal Index Calculator

Benefits to using our BMI Calculator:

At the top of this page, we already mentioned a calculator to calculate your body’s BMI. In this tool, you only require to enter your height and weight, and you will get your BMI with accurate calculation.

When you enter your height and weight, it will give you a number in 2 different colors. One is “RED” “Green” and “Blue.”

  • Suppose you are overweight according to your height. It will indicate with RED color.
  • Suppose you are fit according to your height and weight. It will indicate with Green color.
  • If you are underweight according to your height and weight, it will indicate with Blue color.

Note: You can change the units according to the regions. Like Metric, US Imperial, UK Imperial, etc.