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Multiplication and Division Don’t Have to Be Difficult

Posted On March 14 2023

The Significance of Memorizing Multiplication and Division Tables

In today’s world, calculators are easily accessible. However, it is crucial for children to study multiplication and memorize basic math facts to develop the mathematical intuition needed for effective calculator use. Without this knowledge, they may enter incorrect data or be unsure of what data to input.

It is also important to learn multiplication and division by heart because these skills form the foundation of more advanced math, such as bigger numbers, fractions, and algebra.

Basic math skills can be practical for daily life when you quickly work out discounts or decide how much to leave as a tip. It doesn’t imply that we should reject technology; on the contrary, we should choose the right digital tools that will enable children to learn better.

Read on to find out about ways of making multiplication and division easier for your kids with the help of technology.

Edutainment Apps for Learning Basic Math Facts

Math facts are basic calculations that involve two numbers. Mastering math facts between 1-10 means being able to quickly answer questions like “What is 7 − 3?” or “What is 6+2?” without having to count on fingers or think too hard.

After kids have mastered facts up to 20, they can start recognizing patterns. For example, they can reason that if 13 + 5 = 19, then 23 + 5 = 29.

Once children become proficient in adding and subtracting, they begin to understand that multiplication involves repeated addition, and division involves repeated subtraction.

In order to achieve automatic mastery of mathematical concepts, children need to visualize these concepts and get enough practice and repetition. This is the task solved by the Kids Academy app Talented & Gifted.

The app utilizes a scaffolded approach to learning which involves slowly transferring responsibility to the kid.

First children deal only with pictures; the visuals allow the learners to count numbers in an array and develop a conceptual understanding of what multiplication and division are. Rows and columns represent multiplication in a pictorial form, such as 4 rows and 3 columns of balloons equaling 12 balloons.

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what is array

By grade 3, children start working with numbers in addition to pictures, thus moving beyond visual representation alone.

multi equation

The app also provides ample repetition through AI-powered multiplication and division worksheets which can also be found on the Kids Academy website.


Another feature of the Talented and Gifted App is variety. The app provides various resources apart from worksheets, such as lessons, quizzes, games, videos and more to maintain kids’ interest and engagement.

MG to ML Conversion

app feature

Once your kid has gained proficiency in math facts, they will have the confidence to start solving word problems. It is important to remember that math facts are a tool to be used to solve real-world problems and not an end goal in itself.

kid app feature

The Talented and Gifted app by Kids Academy provides a complete learning experience for children aged 2 to 10. It offers various learning modes such as Adventure Land or structured subject curricula for each grade level. Children can enhance their knowledge in subjects like English, math, social studies, and science, learn chess, and boost their creativity with art and craft classes in a fun and engaging way.

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